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A relationship book for the 21st Century

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by Gary Anthony Sturgis

#WhyHeWontMarryYou paperback book
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My Story


   My name is Gary Anthony Sturgis. I am an actor, writer, director, producer, COO and Co-Owner of a medical therapy facility, Bellaire Rehabilitation, in Century City.  An avid screenwriter, I have penned television series and feature films. #WhyHeWontMarryYou is the first in a series of books I am writing. This site is dedicated to my books. 


   If you have been on my social media the last year or so, you have seen some of my promotions on this book. Unlike similar writings, my approach comes from a place of self-assessment, common sense and logical thinking, as I open a door to women of how men think versus how women think when it comes to popping the question most women spend their entire lives planning and waiting on. 


   #WhyHeWontMarryYou came about from years of conversations with groups of men, couples, and tons of single and married women, who have various concerns about their relationships and or marital struggles. Being married half my life, I have offered constructive advice to many, never realizing I was becoming a relationship coach by proxy.  Hearing so many interesting complaints over the years was one of the driving forces for me to write this book.  I want to see relationships work and this book allowed me to give some of my advice to the masses, as some of the relationships struggles that most have are universal. People just want to be happy with other people, and I believe #WhyHeWontMarryYou: And How to Change That Dynamic can help many. If you desire marriage, this book may help you understand why it may be eluding you, or if you have found your true love, the contents will help you better understand how to keep it. 


   My book is not about fault or blame, it is focused on why the guy you desire may not see marriage the way you do and why that may be the case. Men are not always as forthcoming about what they think or feel, which is also discussed in my writings. The goal is for women to have a better understanding of men, and for men to feel they can be more forthright, open and vulnerable. I think many who choose to read it will find it both informative and entertaining. My book will show you that women can change a man's perception at any time, be it good or bad, which my book explains in detail. I even allow my fans and readers a glimpse into my own very private life, shows how some of these behaviors and concepts affected my own choices and put my union in jeopardy! 


   The site has testimonial space and will have scheduled live chats each month about the book. Feel free to participate, as I am open to discussing the concepts I wrote about in depth with my audience. Feel free to leave comments below, as some of your comments and testimonials will be used on the site!


    You can pre-order your book on this site or Amazon, as well as pre-order the Kindle version on Amazon! For those of you who follow me on social media, you understand my mindset. For you newcomers, enter the mind of Gary Sturgis! Get your copy of #WhyHeWontMarryYou today! 

   Check the site often, as I will be posting book tour information and monthly online chats to discuss the book and its concepts. 


   You can also purchase a digital download of the script if you are curious to how this will read as a feature film. 


   Happy reading! 


- Gary Anthony Sturgis

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