Crescent City Publishing 

Crescent City Publishing is a new publishing company seeking interesting authors and stories to release through our company! Have your eBook/Kindle placed exclusively for Amazon! Let us assist you in making your book idea, a reality!  You write the book, we will proofread, edit, create cover, title page, copyright page, endorsements and even send the book up for print! You focus on creating and let Crescent City Publishing handle the rest! 

  • Consult with the author on marketing strategies

  • Assist in producing an original book cover

  • Professional formatting for hardcopy and Kindle

  • Internet marketing and book promotion on our website

  • Professional editing services 

  • Creation of web site with an online store to sell your product! (Advanced Package)

  • Discounts on print copies (Advanced Package)

Tell us about your book! We are seeking interesting stories to add to our library!  For more information on how Crescent City Publishing can handle your independent publishing needs, send us an email iquiry to: